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Duxbury Regional Emergency Communications Center to become Regional Old Colony Communications Center

                     The realm of public safety communications is one that has experienced vast evolution in recent history.  Years ago public safety communications was a JOB... Police and Fire departments would have someone available to simply answer the phone and relay information to responders.

This is no longer the case.  Public Safety Dispatching is now a career… one held by talented, intelligent, devoted individuals. Today’s Dispatchers must endure lengthy training programs to earn and maintain certifications which allow them to better serve their communities.  Researchers have said that Emergency Dispatching is one of the most stressful careers in the United States today.  Your dispatchers truly have become your First, First Responder.

This evolution is not only present in the people and the job description but can truly be seen in Duxbury’s own Regional Emergency Communications Center.  Since 2013 when the dispatch center relocated to the Fire Department the operation and the center have experienced exponential growth.  

The growth began when Duxbury’s dispatch center became the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the town of Plympton.  This signified the birth of the Duxbury Regional Emergency Communications Center fondly referred to as the DRECC. The DRECC currently answers all 9-1-1 calls and dispatches the Police, Fire and Emergency Medical services for both towns.

As the operation was successful it garnered attention from the Commonwealth’s State 9-1-1 Department, the main source of grant funding for emergency communications centers.   Through research, creativity and hard work the staff at your communications center has been able to write successful grant requests and secured over One Million Dollars in state funding to make improvements to the center.  The DRECC is now a marvel in public safety communications when it comes to technology.  DRECC Dispatchers are afforded all of the latest and greatest tools to ensure your health, welfare, safety and property are only a phone call away from the protection and care provided by our colleagues at the police and fire departments.

The inclusion of Plympton and upgrades to the center were only the beginning.  The DRECC is moving into the future with visions of becoming the model for regional dispatch centers throughout the Commonwealth.  The Town of Halifax has determined that their citizens will be well served by moving their PSAP and dispatch responsibilities to the regional center and will be joining us on January 3rd, 2017 and we do not intend to stop there.  We will be adding staff, adding technology, seeking additional grant funds and paving the way to welcome other communities to our center.  Based on the addition of Halifax and projected future growth it has been determined that it is time to retire the DRECC nameplate.

As we enter 2017 with hope and excitement for the future we will be renaming the center as the “Regional Old Colony Communications Center” but you may call us “The ROCCC”.  The staff at the communications center want to assure you that any future growth will never take away from the service provided to the citizens of the towns we proudly answer calls for. Any growth will only lead to additional staff, better technology and increased support from the Commonwealth.  

We will leave you with one final thought… No amount of evolution in technology, training or job description will ever change what makes for a good dispatcher.  A good dispatcher is one who is compassionate and devoted to the citizens they serve.  So we wish you a Happy Holiday Season and New Year and assure you that as always our devotion to you and our compassion will remain forever… ROCCC Solid.

From DRECC to ROCC the evolution of the Regional Communications Center


Making the Transition

Work continues through grant funding as we begin to take on 9-1-1, Police, Fire, and EMS dispatching for the town of Halifax on January 3, 2017

ROCC Setting.jpg
New Graphics on the walls behind the Lead Dispathcer Console

A closer look at the Wall Graphics at one of the monitor walls

An Update to our Emergency Medical Dispatch System was completed

The Regional Old Colony Communications Staff

Lead Dispatchers

Michael Mahoney
Matthew Tucker
Joe Crean

Full-Time Dispatchers

Dana Jagielski
Kevin Doane
Matthew Riggins
Chris O'Brien
Neil Whitley
     Chris Sirois
           Jennifer Fischer
      Robert Inglis

Part-Time Dispatchers

       Kenneth McCormick
Erick Berg
Adam Hatch
Andrew Scanlon
Michelle Beck
Mike LaNatra
James Shea
Pat Travers
Matt Mills
Sean Colby


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