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11/19/16 - Firefighters responded to several serious incidents the weekend before Thanksgiving, including this car fire on Rte. 3. (more)

9/18/16 - Firefighters responded to this gas fed building fire on Pine Point Road in the early morning hours. (more)

shed fiya.jpg
8/11/16 - Firefighters responded to this shed fire on one of the hottest days of the year. (more)

 2016-11-12 at 22.07.38.jpg
7/29/16 - This rollover with entrapment on Route 3 required the Jaws of the Life to extricate 2 patients.

 2016-11-12 at 22.05.13.jpg
7/24/16 - DXFD assisted Bourne with a 140+ acre brush fire.

 2016-11-12 at 21.57.10.jpg
7/5/16 - Route 3 was shut down for this car fire.

 2016-11-12 at 21.54.53.jpg
5/17/16 - Multiple sets of the Jaws of Life were used on this MVA with entrapment on South Station St.

 2016-11-13 at 17.54.06.jpg
5/12/16 - Duxbury Firefighters assisted Kingston Firefighters with a garbage truck fire.

 2016-11-12 at 22.20.47.jpg
4/18/16 - Firefighter have battled mutliple brush fires this spring, such as this one on Route 3.

 2016-11-12 at 22.17.48.jpg
3/29/16 - DXFD Firefighter/Paramedic Ahern, a member of PCTRT, provided care to an injured party in this trench collapse in Halifax.

 2016-11-12 at 22.21.50.jpg
3/27/16 - The Jaws of Life were used to free a patient at this fatal MVA on Keene St.

 2016-11-12 at 21.44.40.jpg
3/11/16 - Firefighters used airbags to free an ejected/entrapped patient from this rollover on Route 3.

2/2/2016 - Duxbury Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Bryer being sworn in.

1/2016 - Congratulations to Firefighter David Beers on his retirement after 33 years of service.

 2016-11-12 at 22.26.31.jpg
1/8/16 - Firefighters quickly knocked down this electrical fire on Lincoln St.

 2016-11-12 at 21.35.28.jpg
1/6/2016 - Firefighters assisted the Town of Kingston with this 2nd alarm building fire.

 2016-11-12 at 21.37.46.jpg
1/4/2016 - Snowy start to the New Year. Firefighters responded to at least 20 vehicles off the road on Rt. 3 when a snow storm came through.


 2016-11-12 at 21.41.08.jpg
12/26/2015 - Firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extricate a heavily entrapped victim from a single car MVA. Medflight was called to transport the victim to a Boston Hospital.

12/23/2015 - This morning multiple MVAs on Rte. 3 occured in a short period of time, including this one in which a patient was ejected.

11/30/2015 - Duxbury Engine 1 secured the Landing Zone for Boston Medflight to transport a patient to Boston from an MVA in Pembroke.

11/25/2015 - This rollover at Rte. 53 and Winter Street sent 2 people to the hospital.

11/22/2015 - A house fire on Heritage Ln. started on the stove and extended to the walls.

CSltYvWVEAAwlaa.jpg i
10/30/2015 - This rollover at Cox's Corner sent multiple patients to the hospital.

10/20/2015 - Paramedics transported 1 patient from this rollover on Cresent St.

9/25/2015 - Dive team members assisted Rockland Fire with a submerged car on Water Market St.

 2016-11-14 at 9.34.50.jpg
9/19/2015 - 2 patients were transported from this rollover on Rte. 3.

9/12/2015 - This building fire on King Casesar Rd. was quickly knocked down.

8/29/2015 - Firefighters fought this house fire among other serious calls in town.

8/22/2015 - Route 3 was shut down for this car fire.

6/30/2015 - Tech rescue team members from Duxbury assisted in this fatal accident in Plymouth.

Duxbury Firefighters with the Plymouth County Tech Rescue Team extricated this worker from a septic tank in Plympton.
Multiple bottle bombs where found in Duxbury by residents. MSP bomb squad was called in and detonated the device.

DXFD Firefighters Jack Ahern(left) and Alex Merry(right) with Governor Charlie Baker during Operation Swift Rescue.

Jack Ahrens alerted neigbors and called 911 after finding a man stuck in the mud off Cove Street. The man was extricated by firefighters and evaluated by Paramedics on scene.

Firefighters honor guard marching in the Memorial Day Parade

Duxbury Fire assisted the Kingston Fire Department with this rollover MVA.

This morning firefighters extinguished this building fire that started from a mulch planter.

Firefighters knocked down this fast moving 3 acre brush fire on Windy Hill. A total of 6 brush trucks from Duxbury, Kingston, Marshfield and the state responded. 

Firefighters responded to this car fire and brush fire on Route 53

This garage fire was quickly extinguished by DXFD.

FF/Paramedic Jen Baldock graduating from the 9 week career recruit program at the Mass Fire Academy

Firefighter responded to this rollover MVA on Route 3 northbound between exits 10 & 11. Mutual aid ambulances from Kingston and Pembroke responded, and a mutual aid Engine from Marshfield to assist.

Duxbury took part in a multi town brushbreaker drill in Carver. 20+ brushbreakers and 120+ firefighters from around the county.

Units responded to Duck Hill Road for reported building fire. Firefighters found a light fixture fire that extended into the wall. The fire was quickly knocked down.

3/20/2015 - Firefighter/Paramedic Keith Nette graduating from the 9 week career recruit program at the Mass Fire Academy.

2/19/2015 - Firefighters battled this gas fed fire on Kingstown Way, which went to a 2nd alarm.

Feb 11.jpg
2/11/2015 - Firefighters work with the DPW to clear hydrants.

Feb 6 (9).jpg
2/6/2015 - Firefighters battled this trash compactor fire at the town transfer station.

1/14/2015 - Captain Roger Ladd on his final shift with the DFD after 36 years of service.

1/5/2015 - Duxbury Firefighter/Paramedic Jennifer Baldock is sworn in.


12/28/2014 - Firefighters responded a Mutual Aid Engine to the Town of Plymouth for there 2nd alarm fire.

12/24/2014 - Firefighters responded mutual aid to the Town of Kingston for this multi car MVA on Route 44 with a Level 1 MCI declared.

12/17/2014 - Firefighters fill this house with smoke in order to train in fire conditions. Firefighters trained on search and rescue and RIT.

12/15/2014 - Firefighters recieve training on chain saws courtesy of the Duxbury Tree Dept.

11/30/2014 - Firefighters training at new Middle/High School.

2014-11-22 15.05.24.jpg
11/22/2014- Firefighters responded to Tremont Street for reported person struck by a car. The Patient was in serious condition and had to be transported by Medflight to a Boston Hospital.

11/19/2014-Firefighters fight a early morning car fire on Route 3.

11/18/2014-Firefighters responded to a Multi car MVA at the intersection of Winter Street and Route 53. A Kingston Ambulance assisted the town due to the amount of injuries.

11/16/2014- Shift 2 training at the new Middle/High School

11/11/2014-Firefighters responded both an Ambulance and an Engine to the Haz-Mat Incident at the Independence mall in Kingston.

10/28/2014- Duxbury Fire responded to this rollover MVA on Congress Street. Luckily the driver has minor injuries while trying to avoid a deer.

2014-10-10 17.44.34.jpg
10/14/2014- Duxbury Fire had to use the jaws to extricate a victim out of a single car MVA on Keene Street. Victim was transported by Medflight to a Boston Hospital.

10/5/2014- Duxbury Fire Department had the Annual Open House.

9/16/2014- Duxbury Firefighter/Paramedic Keith Nette sworn in.

9/11/2014- Duxbury Firefighters honor Senior Firefighter Jack Thomas at the Mass Firefighter Memorial with a brick in his name.

Swimmers evacuated from Duxbury Beach when this 15 Foot Great White Shark was spotted by MSP.

Firefighters respond to Rt 3 for a car fire/MVA with 1 fatality.

Aug 2014.jpg
Firefighters hiked deep in the woods to fight this brush fire.

Duxbury Ambulance assisted the Kingston Fire Department with 2 people trapped in a crane.

Working Fire in the basement of 290 Kingstown Way.

Firefighters quickly knock down this brush fire on Route 3.

Firefighters fight a dumpster fire on Marshall Street.

Capt Hussey pumps Engine 1 during a shed fire.

7/2015 - Duxbury Firefighters responded to this shed fire in July.

Firefighters responded to Route 3 for this multi car MVA.

Station 1.jpg
Station 1 on a Warm Spring night. (Photo by Andrew Homestead)

IWater Rescue Duxbury Tobey Garden Pond (15).jpg
Duxbury Firefighters responded to Tobey Garden Pond for a report of kayakers flipped over in the water. Two teenagers were wearing life vests and pulled out of the water with no injuries.

Water Rescue Duxbury Tobey Garden Pond (12).jpg
Duxbury Firefighters responded to Tobey Garden Pond for a report of Kayakers flipped over in the water. Two teenagers where wearing life vest and pulled out of the water with no injuries.

Firefighters responded to a reported house fire. On arrival firefighters found a outside fire that spread to the outside of a house. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

Duxbury Firefighters quickly knocked down a working garage fire that started from a vehicle fire inside. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

Duxbury Firefighters had to use the Jaws of life to extricate a patient from this 3 car MVA at Route 53 and Winter street. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

tree worker fall.jpg
Duxbury Firefighters requested Medflight for a tree worker that fell 25 feet from a bucket truck. (Photo by Pat Travers,

Duxbury Firefighters requested Medflight for a tree worker that fell 25 feet from a bucket truck. (Photo by Pat Travers,

Duxbury Firefighters and Duxbury Harbormaster put booms out in the water around two vehicles to prevent hazardous materials leaking into water after vehicles got stuck in the mud at low tide. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

Duxbury Firefighters and Duxbury Harbormaster put booms out in the water around two vehicles to prevent hazardous materials leaking into water after vehicles got stuck in the mud at low tide. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

Duxbury Firefighters and Duxbury Harbormaster put booms out in the water around two vehicles to prevent hazardous materials leaking into water after vehicles got stuck in the mud at low tide. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

3/2013 - Gurnet Road flooded during the March 2013 Nor'easter. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

3/2013 - Gurnet Road flooded during the March 2013 Nor'easter. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

3/2013 - Gurnet Road flooded during the March 2013 Nor'easter. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

3/2013 - Gurnet Road flooded during the March 2013 Nor'easter. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

3/2013 - Gurnet Road flooded during the March 2013 Nor'easter. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

National Guard and the forest truck patrolling Gurnet Road. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

Duxbury Firefighters put a hoseline into operation during a 3 alarm fire after the storm in Marshfield. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

Using Brushbreakers, Duxbury Firefighters removed residents from their homes along the gurnet with rising tides.  The water is up close to the headlights which is about 3'.

During the height of the storm firefighters were responding to a call when a tree fell down and through their windshield.  Luckily they suffered no injuries.

We put chains on the tires and added 2 1/2 inch hose to our brushbreakers during the storm.  The brushbreakers proved invaluable to access people during the 2013 Blizzard

Duxbury firefighters responded to a 2nd alarm fire in the town of Kingston.

Firefighters work to remove the trapped driver of this 18 wheeler dump truck that rolled over on Summer St.

The station just has a few small items to finish for completion.  
Our open house will be October 21st and we will post a flyer soon.  (photo by Rob Reardon)

The Fire Station project is nearing completion. (photo by )

Our refurbished Squad 2 which is our dive truck for special operations. (photo by Rob Reardon)
(From Left to Right)
Firefighter/Paramedics Mike Gillis and Jack Ahern are sworn in as new full time Duxbury firefighters.  
Firefighter Rob Tripp is sworn in as a Captain.

Duxbury Firefighters worked at a 2nd alarm arson fire in Plymouth on Long Pond Rd.  (photo by Rob Reardon

The Duxbury Rotary Club held there 14th Annual Rubber Duck Race
at the Blue Fish River bridge on September 11, 2010.  Approximately 2500 yellow,
blue and pink ducks we're dropped by the Duxbury Fire Department.  Photo by Andrea Mikkola

We Never Forget -- Always remember our brothers who made the supreme sacrifice! 343

Medflight takes off from the Chandler school with a trauma victim enroute to a Boston Hospital.  Photo by Andrea Mikkola

Firefigter/Paramedic Dennis Mikkola is sworn in as his wife Andrea watches on. (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

Firefighters from three states took part in Duxbury Fire Department's forcible entry class.  ( photo by )

Duxbury Firefighters assisted Kingston Firefighters at their 2nd alarm house fire. (photo by John Sjostedt)

Firefighters from Duxbury Fire assist Marshfield Fire and the Plymouth County Tech Rescue Team to remove a horse that had fallen into an inground pool.   (Photo by Matt Gaskins)

Firefighters responded to numerous accidents during the snow on New Years Eve.  (Photo by John Sjostedt)

firefighter jl 120309-02.JPG
Duxbury Firefighter G. John Montosi received a Medal of Valor during the 20th annual Firefighter of the Year award ceremony Thursday, Dec. 3, at the Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts in Worcester. (Jeff Loughlin/The Patriot Ledger)

Firefighters responded to this rolled over line painting truck that had propane leaking from one of two 600lb tanks.  (photo by Rob Reardon)

Open house was a huge success!  Thanks to the hundreds of people who showed up!  (photo by Rob Reardon)

Tow companies and Duxbury Fire cleared this car from the other side of the guardrail during a rush hour MVA (photo my Kimberly Binsfield)

Congradulations to Firefighter Timmy Geary on finishing the Duxbury Triathalon.  (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

Firefighters salute during a 9/11 ceremony held at our central fire station.  (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

Committee member Bill Wormald helps Duxbury Firefighters Fill The Boot on Labor Day Weekend. (photo by John Sjostedt)

The fireboat "William B. Luce Jr." is named after a Duxbury Call firefighter who died in the line of duty at a house fire in 1982.  (photo by Rob Reardon)

When companies arrived at this MVA they had heavy fire showing from the underside of the vehicle.  Firefighters stabilized the vehicle, treated the patient and extinguished the fire.  (photo by Timmy Geary)

On behalf of the Duxbury Fire Department we offer our congratulations to Deputy Chief Bill Carrico on the acceptance of his new position as Fire Chief for the Town of Halifax.  Bill served the Duxbury Fire department since 1999 and will be missed.  Good luck Bill!!

Congradulations FF Tim Geary for finishing the Boston Epic Triathlon time of 1:35:07 look for him at the Duxbury Triathlon in September.

A Duxbury FF climbs to the top of the ladder with the American Flag for the 4th of July (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

The Honor Guard at the Firefighter Memorial Sunday ceremony.

Training while moving large volumes of water (Photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

Firefighters resonded to a car into a building in Hall's Corner.

FF John Montosi was presented with an award for saving a woman from a burning house.  (photo courtesy of the Duxbury Clipper)

An 18 wheeler carrying gravel rolled over on Rte. 3, spilling its load.  (photo by John Sjostedt)

Duxbury's brush breakers were refurbished and will be in service for the brush season!

Pembroke FFs stretch handlines at a working fire were an off duty Duxbury Firefighter rescued a woman from the burning house (photo courtesy WBZ-TV)

Firefighters trainded on their new Rescue Alive ice rescue device.

Duxbury FFs are shoveling snow from hydrants.  Please help by clearing snow at hydrants near your house. (photo by John Sjostedt)

A check was presented to Chief Nord for $15,000 for the ice rescue fund in memory of Paul Greely.

Duxbury Firefighters operated at a 2nd alarm house fire in Pembroke.

Duxbury Firefighters transfer a patient to medflight for transport to a trauma center after a tree fell on the patient.  (photo by Matt Gaskins)
FOX25 stopped by the Duxbury Fire station for Firehouse Friday. Duxbury Firefighters presented him with a hand painted helmet shield made by Bob Stella Firefighters also gave him and his crew t-shirts.

Duxbury Fire responded to this serious accident involving heavy machinery. (photos by Kimberly Binsfield)

One of our brush breakers was on standby for spot fires at the annual bon fire on the beach.

Duxbury Fire at the annual beach party and bon fire. (photo by Rob Reardon)

Firefighters train in Trench Rescue techniques. (Photo by Tim Geary)

Duxbury Fire had to extricate a patient from this MVA on Rt 53 (Photo Matt Gaskins)

The Fire Department honor guard during the Fireman Sunday memorial service.  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

ORV1 (Off Road Vehicle) is a 2008 6x6 Polaris Ranger.  This unit is equipped with an EMS skid unit capable of rapid patient extrication from the beach and forest areas with ease.  It also carries EMS equipment and some basic firefighting equipment. This unit was funded by a grant written by firefighters.  (Photo by Rob Reardon)

Duxbury Fire Department's honor guard marches in the Memorial Day Parade.

FF/Paramedic Harry Mathews helps Duxbury Girl scout troop 462 in earning their first aid badges.

Firefighters extinguished a chinmney fire off Merry Ave.

2/1/08 Duxbury Fire, with the assistance of numerous other towns and agencies, conduct a search for a missing ice fisherman.  The man's body was recovered by divers on 2/2/08 (photo by

Firefighters participated in a multi-jurisdictional drill in Whitman.  The drill involved SWAT teams, tech-rescue and fire departments.  (photo courtesy

Duxbury and Kingston Firefighters take part in a flammable liquids firefighting class at the Mass Fire Academy.

Firefighters arrived at this pre-school they had heavy smoke showing and struck a 2nd alarm.  Firefighters made sure the 185 students and, staff and teachers were accounted for.  When firefighters made entry they found heavy fire conditions in the attic spreading rapidly in both directions.  Companies made an aggressive interior attack and stopped the fire from spreading. (Photo by Kimberly Binsfield)

Firefighters received a call to Cove St. for a person stuck in the mud. On arrival Firefighters found a person that was clamming who was stuck about 16 feet from the shore. The Tech-Rescue Trailer was dispatched and sheets of plywood were set out so emergency workers could access the victim. The victim was removed from the mud in about 30 minutes. (photo by Kimberly Binsfield)

Firefighters logged 24 calls in a few hours that the remnants of hurricane Noel came through Duxbury.  Firefighters were called for a boat rescue, trees on houses, live wires down on a car with people in it, medicals and an assortment of other calls for assistance.  (photo by John Sjostedt)

Firefighters responded to the scene of a MVA where they found a 49 YO male who had a vehicle roll over him. Paramedics on scene evaluated the patient, and called for Boston Medflight for thoracic injuries. Medflight landed at the Chandler School LZ. The patient was transported to Boston Medical Center.  (Photo by John Sjostedt)

Firefighters demonstrate, to a large crowd at the annual open house, the operation of the Jaws of life.  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

Firefighters load a patient into Boston Medflight for transport to a Boston Trauma center from a MVA where two sets of jaws were used. A total of three medical helicopters were used to transport critical patients. (photo by Kimberly Binsfield)

Firefighters from around the state, including eight from Duxbury, were in Boston on 9/11 for the dedication of the Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial. Photo by Rob Reardon

Congradulations to Firefighter Harvey Cushing on his retirement after 48 years with our department. Firefighter Cushing began as a call firefighter in December 1959. Firefighter Cushing retires September 3, 2007.

7/2/07 - Brush Breaker 47 watches for spot fires at the annual Bon Fire on the beach. (photo by John Sjostedt)

7/4/07 Duxbury Fire Engine 2 and Ladder 1 make their way down Water Street during the 4th of July parade in Plymouth.

6/21/07 A Duxbury Firefighter makes his way out of a house filled with smoke during RIT training. (photo by Matt Gaskins)

6/16/07 Firefighter/Paramedic Harry Mathews on bike patrol during the PMC kids ride in Duxbury. (more)

6/10/07 Firefighters pose for a group photo after the Fireman Sunday memorial service.

Duxbury Firefighters transported two patients from this MVA on Congress Street. Route 14 (more)  (photo by Kimberly Binsfield)

5/20/07 Frefighters used the Jaws at this MVA on Lincoln Street and transported 3 patients to area hospitals (more) (photo by Matt Gaskins)

5/19/07 Firefighters practice mass decon at a 160 hour Haz Mat Tech training class in Duxbury. (more)

5/14/07 Duxbury Firefighters battled this several acre brush fire off Mayflower St on a Class 5 / Red Flag warning day. (more) (Photo by John Sjostedt)

Truck 48 wasn't back in town for a 1/2 hour from being refurbished when it went to a several acre brush fire off Mayflower Rd. (more pics) (photo by Rob Reardon)

With the winds whipping the fire tower spotted smoke on the Duxbury/Kingston town line.  As the fire tower lined up the smoke in the Winter Street area 911 calls were coming in for a fast moving brush fire.  When the first Kingston breaker showed up they called for the Duxbury brush breaker to assist.  (more)  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

5/4/07 Duxbury Fire Departments fleet of red apparatus.  (photo by Rob Reardon)

Duxbury Fire recently took delivery of Ambulance 2 which is a 2006 PL Custom. It was delivered on 4/24/07 and serves as an ALS (Advanced Life Support) Ambulance. It carries all the life saving equipment and drugs that our Firefighter/Paramedics will be using. (Photo by Rob Reardon)

1/9/07 Duxbury Firefighter/Paramedics John Montosi and Kirsten Piper are sworn in at the selectmans meeting.  (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

11/21/06 Duxbury Firefighters transported one patient from this MVA rollover on Summer Street.  (photo by Jack Sjostedt)

11/17/06 Duxbury Firefighters train in structural firefighting tactics and strategies at the Barnstable Fire Academy. Video (photo by Matt Gaskins)

10/29/06 Duxbury Firefighters took protective actions against this gas fed fire until the power company was able to turn the power off to the primary wires.  Once power was shut down firefighters moved in and extinguished the fire. (more)  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

10/29/06 Duxbury Firefighters remove a victim during a multi-town Mass Casualty drill in Kingston at the MBTA train yard. (photo by Kim Binsfield)

10/28/06 Duxbury Firefighters responded to this crane inicdent on Kingstown Way.  Firefighters assisted with hazards and stood by till the crane was back on the ground safely. (more) (Photo by Jack Sjostedt)

10/22/06 Duxbury Firefighters showed off their ladder truck to several hundred residents during the annual open house. (photo by Kim Binsfield)

9/24/06 Duxbury Firefighters Buzz Wadsworth (539), Tim Geary (502), and Captain Roger Ladd (152) ran in support of the Plymouth Police & Fire 5K. photo by

9/16/06 A 2nd alarm was struck for an electrical fire at Bay Path Nursing home.  Duxbury Police and Firefighters worked together to evacuate the many bed ridden residents.  (photo by Kimberly Sjostedt)

9/11/06 Duxbury Firefighters and Police Officers salute during a ceremony remembering the events of 9-11.  (Photo courtesy Duxbury Clipper)

9/10/06 Duxbury Firefighters rescued two swimmers due to fatigue during the practice swim for the annual Duxbury Triathalon.  (photo by John Sjostedt)

9/3/06 Duxbury Firefighters raised over $8,100 to help fight Muscular Dystrophy while battling Hurricane Ernesto. Thank you to the residents of Duxbury for your continued support for this great cause.

8/22/06 Duxbury Firefighters rescued two people suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning at this Church Street house.  Firefighters were called for a Medical emergency but quickly realized it was a much more dangerous situation.  Firefighters donned SCBA's made entry and rapidly extricated the victims from a deadly environment.  One victim was flown by medflight to Mass General Hospital and treated in a Hyperbaric chamber.  For more on this see the links below.   (photo by Greg Derr/Patriot Ledger)

Firefighters responded this MVA on Franklin St. at 1:30AM. First arriving units found a male occupant trapped in the car. The patient was extricated from the vehicle, and transported to Jordan Hospital in Plymouth with minor injuries.  (Photo by Rob Tripp)

4/20/06 This picture captured the conditions Duxbury firefighters found when they arrived at a reported house fire.  Firefighters battled heavy fire conditions at this barn and kept the fire from spreading to a nearby house. (photo by Kimberly Sjostedt) (more photos)

3/15/06 Duxbury Firefighters carry the victim of a high speed MVA/rollover with ejection to an awaiting helicopter for transport to a trauma center in Boston. (more) (Photo by John Sjostedt)

3/1/06 Duxbury Firefighters used two sets of jaws to remove the victim of this fatal MVA on Route 3. (more) (photo by Matt Gaskins)

2/26/06 Duxbury Firefighters quickly struck a second alarm at this house fire on the coldest night of the year so far.   Firefighters battled the heat of the flames and the bitter cold temperature of 9° with a wind chill well below 0° (more) (photo by Kimberly Sjostedt)

8/10/06 Firefighter Alex Merry coats the middle school field with foam for kids to play in during summer camp.  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

8/7/06 Duxbury Firefighters Chris West and Bill Carrico are sworn in as Deputy Fire Chiefs during the selectmans meeting.  Also sworn in was Firefighter/Paramedic Harry Mathews.  (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

7/21/06 Duxbury Firefighters responded to this MVA on Route 3 where this vehicle sustained heavy rear end damage. (photo by Kim Sjostedt)

7/16/04 The first of two medflight helicopters flies over the Duxbury ambulance at a very serious MVA in Kingston.  Duxbury Firefighter/Paramedics treated a priority one patient that was flown to Boston. (photo by Matt Gaskins)

7/14/06 Duxbury Firefighters train on interior structural firefighting at the Barnstable Fire Academy.  (photo by John Sjostedt)

7/5/06 Firefighters responded to this MVA rollover on Route 3 and transported one patient to the Jordan Hospital.  (Photo by Gary Somero)

7/4/06 Fire trucks as far as the eye can see during the 2006 July 4th Parade.  (photo by Kimberly Sjostedt)

7/1/06 Medflight transports a victim from an MVA with ejection on Rt 53 to Mass General hospital.  (Photo by John Sjostedt)

6/30/2006 A restoration to celebrate as the Blue Fish River Firehouse was restored for its 100th Anniversary 1906-2006. (More) (photo by Kimberly Sjostedt)

6/27/06 Duxbury responded mutual aid to Marshfield for a MVA with entrapment.  Duxbury firefighter/paramedics stabilized the patient until medflight arrived and transported the patient to Boston. (more) (photo by Matt Gaskins)

6/23/06 Congratulations to Firefighter/Paramedics Rappaport(L) and Geary(R) for completing the Mass Fire Academy's 12-week recruit training program. (photo by John Sjostedt)

6/14/06 Trucks "47" and "48" drive along the beach during a tri-town drill on the Gurnet. (more) (photo by Kimberly Sjostedt)

6/11/06 Chief Nord and Emma Carrico lay a wreath at the the memorial stone on fireman Sunday. (more) photo by

5/20/06 Firefighter/EMT Dennis Reddy installs a car seat during our free child safety seat inspections.  (photo by Kimberly Sjostedt) (more)

3/20/06 Firefighters Cunningham, Wadsworth and Reardon were given commendations by Police Chief Mark DeLuca at the Selectman's meeting.  The commendation read In recognition for their willing and prompt assistance to Duxbury Police officers while arresting a violent repeat drunk driving offender.

2/20/06 Duxbury Firefighter Timmy Geary waves live on Fox 25 from the tip of the ladder truck 105' up!  (Provided by Bob Stella)

2/5/05 Duxbury Firefighters responded with the Harbormaster and the U.S.C.G. to Duxbury Bay for a boat overturned with two people in the water. The victims were brought to "Howlands Landing" where they were evaluated by our firefighter/paramedics. Both victims refused transportation to the hospital.  (photo by John Sjostedt)

1/22/06 Duxbury Firefighters battled heavy fire conditions at this garage fire. (more) (Photo by Matt Gaskins)

1/8/06 Three people were transported with minor injuries from this MVA rollover on Route 53 (photo by John Sjostedt)

1/7/06 Duxbury Firefighters battled this late night car fire on Route 3.  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

1/3/06 Duxbury Ladder One went mutual aid to Marshfield for their 3rd alarm building fire.  Duxbury Firefighters battled heavy fire conditions in a row of townhouses. (More) (photo by Matt Gaskins)

12/23/05 Duxbury Firefighters used the Jaws-of-life to free the driver of this wrecked vehicle that hit a tree on Congress Street.  The victim was flown by Boston Medflight to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in serious condition.  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

12/23/05 Boston Medflight landed at the Route 3 Exit 11 cloverleaf and flew the victim from the Congress Street MVA to a level I trauma center in Boston.  (photo by Matt Gaskins)

The MDA volunteer of the year award was presented to Duxbury Firefighter John Sjostedt.  He organized a very successful fundraising year for the Duxbury Fire Department.  He Volunteers on the MDA Executive Board, the Jerry Lewis Telethon in Plymouth, “Lock-ups” throughout the year and more.  John is the 20th volunteer to be selected for this MDA award. (more)

11/14/05 Chief Nord watched as Tim Geary was sworn in by the town clerk as the newest full time Firefighter/Paramedic with the Duxbury Fire Department. (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

11/14/05 Duxbury Firefighters and CPR instructors John Sjostedt and David Beers stand with OEMS Region V director Fred Fowler. Fred presented Duxbury's Board of Selectmen with a “Heart Safe Community” certificate and two road signs. This status was earned with the help of many town departments. (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

11/7/05 The Duxbury Harbormaster took part in the fire departments dive training in the Blue Fish River.   Here they practice removing a diver from the water and bringing them into the boat. (photo by John Sjostedt)

11/7/05 The Duxbury Harbormaster took part in the fire departments dive training in the Blue Fish River.   Here they practice removing a diver from the water and bringing them into the boat. (photo by John Sjostedt)

10/25/05 Firefighters responded to numerous downed trees and wires caused by the Nor'easter that came through Duxbury. (photo by John Sjostedt)

10/22/05 Duxbury Firefighters transported two patients from this MVA rollover on Route 3. (photo by Matt Gaskins)

10/18/05 Students from Room 6 at the Bay Farm Montessori Academy pose for a picture after firefighters taught fire safety to them. (more)

10/8/05 Captain Guilderson stands with Peter Casey the winner of the coloring contest during the annual open house.  (photo by Carol Wadsworth)

10/8/05 A large crowd watches as Duxbury Firefighters use the Jaws of Life on a car during a demonstration at the annual open house. (photo by Carol Wadsworth)

10/7/05 Congratulations to Firefighter/Paramedic Alex Merry for completing the Mass Fire Academy's 11-week recruit training program. (photo by John Sjostedt)

10/1/05 Luckily there were only minor injuries at this rollover on the front lawn of the High School. (photo by John Sjostedt)

9/19/05 Chief Nord watched as Derek Rappaport was sworn in by the town clerk as the newest full time Firefighter/Paramedic with the Duxbury Fire Department. (photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

9/5/05 On behalf of Duxbury Firefighters Local 2167, John Sjostedt presented WCVB-TV's Gail Huff a check for $11,700.25 at the annual MDA telethon.  As you can see Gail was very impressed with the large amount donated!  Thank You to all Duxbury residents who helped us donate so much to MDA. (photo by Rob Reardon) (More)

8/10/05 Duxbury Firefighter Doug Cunningham vents a roof at a 2nd alarm house fire (more) (photo by Matt Gaskins)

8/9/05 Firefighter Chris West oversees firefighters during live fire training.  You can see just above his head the thick black smoke starting to bank down. (more) (photo by Jack Thomas)

8/5/05 Duxbury Local 2167 President PJ Hussey and Firefighter Brian Monahan present the kids entertainment cart to Jordan Hospital EMS Coordinator Jane Stiles. (more) (photo by Rob Reardon)

7/28/05 Snow in July...Firefighters spread a thick layer of foam for kids to play in at the D.A.R.E. camp. (more) (photo by Rob Reardon)

7/27/05 With a heat index over 100 degrees, Duxbury Firefighters used both brushbreakers battling a one acre brush fire off Chandler Street. (Photo by Matt Gaskins)

7/22/05 Members of the Duxbury Fire Department Dive Team head out for underwater search and rescue training off Clark’s Island. (photo by Rob Reardon)

Ladder 1 and Engine 1 make their way down Washington Street for the annual 4th of July parade in Duxbury. (Photo courtesy Duxbury Clipper)

6/18/05 Duxbury Firefighter John Sjostedt's bride showed up to their wedding in style (more)

6/11/05 Duxbury Firefighters launched two boats for a person who fell off a boat and in the water near Howlands Landing.  Numerous agencies assisted Duxbury fire, and firefighters later recovered the body. (photo by Rob Reardon)

6/12/05 Chief Kevin Nord lays a wreath on the memorial stone on Fireman's Sunday (photo by Rob Reardon)

Members of the Duxbury Fire Department Dive team conduct dry suit training at the Percy Walker Pool.

5/31/05 Members of the Duxbury Fire Department's honor guard on Memorial Day

5/21/05 Duxbury Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire on all floors of a 30' X 60' barn, an atttached 14'  X 24' workshop and an attached guesthouse.  Firefighters made a very aggressive fire attack and saved two exposure buildings that were threatened.  (More photos) (photo by John Sjostedt)

May 19, 2005 Duxbury Firefighters made a fast knockdown and quickly brought this early morning barn fire under control. More (Photos by Matt Gaskins)

May 5, 2005 Duxbury Firefighter Chris West instructs members of C.E.R.T (Citizen Emergency Response Team) during their second class on Flammable Liquid fires. (photo by Rob Reardon)

May 6, 2005 Duxbury firefighters present Fox 25's Meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon and funny man V.B. some DFD t-shirts during their live remote from Snug Harbor. (photo by Buzz Wadsworth) More

May 4, 2005 Duxbury Firefighters treated and transported four patients from this SUV rollover on Route 53. (Photo courtesy Duxbury Clipper)

May 2, 2005 Duxbury Firefighters responded to this rollover to find a snapped pole, wires down, fluid spills and a lucky driver with only minor injuries. (Photo courtesy Duxbury Clipper)

April 10, 2005 Duxbury Firefighters made a fast knockdown and quickly brought this garage fire under control before it spread to the house. (Photos by Matt Gaskins)

3/15/05 Duxbury Ladder 1 works at a 3rd alarm building fire in Kingston. More
(photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

2/19/05 Duxbury Firefighters battled intense flames and frigid temperatures in bringing this house fire under control. (Photo by Matt Gaskins)

2/25/05 Duxbury Firefighters transported one patient from this MVA rollover on Route 14 (Photo by John Sjostedt)

2/20/05 Duxbury Firefighters used survival suits and an ice rescue sled in a training exercise demonstrating ice rescue techniques. (Photo by Buzz Wadsworth)

A Cold Winter morning at the Ashdod Fire Station
1/21/05 Duxbury firefighter Chris West makes a cut using the Jaws of Life cutting tool in order to demonstrate rolling the dash off a potential patient’s legs during a training session. (Photo by Buzz Wadsworth) More
12/26/04 This is just one of six MVA's that Duxbury firefighters responded to on Route 3 within thirty minutes on this snowy December morning. (photo by John Sjostedt)

11/18/04 The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services ISU was in Duxbury for training. (More)

Chief Kevin Nord was sworn in October 20th
(photo by Tom Corn)

9/21/04 Duxbury Firefighters bring the victim of a MVA to an awaiting Medflight. (More photos)



The Duxbury Fire Department is profiled in the March/April issue of Fire Apparatus Journal.  FAJ sells approximately 10,000 copies each issue.  Read Article

3/3/04 Duxbury Firefighters medflighted a victim from a MVA on Tremont Street.  The Duxbury Fire Department has used the Medflight Helicopter five seperate times in March for serious incidents.

12/30/03 Duxbury Firefighters battled a working house fire on Mallards Cove Lane.  Above you can see a heavily burned door and doorframe where the fire was overlapping. Firefighters made a tremendous stop by keeping the fire confined to this room and saving the peoples home!  View Photos


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