Dog Walking Rules

Dog waste is a threat to health and degrades recreational areas.   All persons walking dogs MUST pick up after their dog.

Dog waste must either be disposed of in the barrels provided or carried away by the dog owner/walker.

Please pay attention to your dog.  If you do not know what your dog is doing or where it is, your dog is not under your control.

Please be respectful of each other and the surroundings.  The Town’s recreation and open space areas are not dog parks — they are for the use of everyone.

Dog walking on Town properties is a privilege and not a right.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in fines for individual dog walkers and the future loss of the use of these areas for all dogs.

For those dog walking areas on or near cranberry bogs:  These locations are active farms.  No dogs are allowed in the bogs at any time.

Violations of these rules could result in fines up to $200.