Infectious Disease Planning

The Duxbury Board of Health is currently working with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Duxbury Emergency Management Department to formulate plans to dispense medications to all the residences of Duxbury should there be a bio-terrorism event or flu pandemic.

Every town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is working with a set of templates provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. A link to the Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response website is provided below. On that site you will find the templates for the two plans the Board of Health are currently working on; Infectious Disease Emergency Plan (IDEP) and the Emergency Dispensing Site Management and Operations Plan.

With the help of the Emergency Management Department the Board of Health has picked two Emergency Dispensing Sites, the Duxbury Middle School and the Chandler School. We are currently working together to finalize these site plans. Below you will find a link to a webcast of an Emergency Dispensing Site exercise conducted in Loraine, Ohio. The webcast will introduce you to the way these clinics will be run should the need arise.

The Board of Health is currently looking for volunteers to staff the Emergency Dispensing Sites. There will be a great need for both medical, non-medical and security personnel. Letters are now being sent to all medical professionals registered with state of Massachusetts. If you are interested in volunteering please click on the Volunteer Form link below and fill out the volunteer form.

Information on this page is accurate at the time it is posted. As these emergency planning documents are "living documents" they are always evolving. Every effort is made to keep this site up to date.