Town of Duxbury By-Laws


The purpose of these by-laws is to establish rules conducive to the welfare of  the  town of Duxbury and the convenience of its residents, and to provide for the orderly direction and management of its affairs.

These by-laws do not represent the only laws or regulations governing the conduct of town affairs; other sources of authority include state statutes, which are generally compiled in the General Laws of the Commonwealth; Special Acts of the Legislature adopted specifically for the Town of Duxbury; the Protective (Zoning) By-Law, a copy of which is maintained with these by-laws; the By-Laws Governing the Classification of Personnel and the Administration of Standard Rates and Salaries and Wages (the Personnel By-Law) and rules and regulations issued by various town departments and approved by the Selectmen where required.

An attempt has been made to cross-reference these by-laws to state statutory where applicable, but such cross-references are not complete in all cases and are subject to future amendments by the state legislature.

Updated June 30, 2016.

Town By-Laws: