Board of Selectmen

What We Do:

The Board of Selectmen are the Chief Elected Officials and Executive Officers of the Town of Duxbury.  The Board consists of three residents who are elected to three-year terms on a community-wide basis.  Massachusetts General Laws vest the Board of Selectmen with all municipal authority not delegated to other elected boards or retained by Town Meeting, as the Town's legislative branch.  The Board of Selectmen employs a Town Manager to manage the day-to-day business of the Town within the Board's policy direction and a Town Counsel to handle the Town's legal affairs.

In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 353 of the Acts of 1987, (The Town Manager Act), the Board of Selectmen "shall have the power to enact rules and regulations to implement policies" for the orderly and efficient operation of Duxbury Town government.  The Board of Selectmen shall also serve as "policy making body of the Town...," adopting policy directives and guidelines, which are to be implemented by officer, boards, committees, commissions, and employees of the Town.

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David J. Madigan



Theodore J. Flynn

Vice Chair


Shawn Dahlen