Smith & Weston Tombs

Smith Tomb

The Smith Tomb is located on the corner of Tremont and Depot Street, across from Boomer Square.

The Weston Tomb is located in West Duxbury on Lincoln Street.

These tombs are prime examples of the tiny burial lots established by families during the17th century. Families would locate and build these tombs, usually near a hillside on the far corner of land of which they owned for the purpose of burying the dead.

The Smith and Weston Tombs have been very well preserved, partly because of family intervention and partly due to the proximity of these tombs; both are easily accessible and visible from the roadway.

The Town of Duxbury like all New England towns had its share of private tombs and backyard graves, but most of the unregulated burial spots were so long neglected they are scarcely more than legend now.