Customer Service Policy

Vision statement:

The library will be a dynamic center, dedicated to innovation, interaction, and inclusion. We will provide unique experiences and opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment. Through relevant social discourse and content creation, we will connect with the global community.

Mission Statement:

The Duxbury Free Library serves as a community space for everyone to explore, learn, create, connect, enjoy, and expand horizons. It champions reading and informational literacy. The library is an inclusive learning environment and offers free physical and digital materials, technology, and cultural programming.


This policy is written to ensure equal and quality service to the Library’s external customers—its patrons—and to its internal customers—its staff members. To provide this service, the Library seeks to maintain a friendly, positive atmosphere for its patrons and staff. Efficient, accurate assistance is our goal.  Each patron and staff member will be given courtesy, respect and consideration regardless of age, race, sex, nationality, gender identity, educational background, physical limitations, information requested, or any other criteria. 

This Policy serves as the foundation for all staff interactions with the public and with each other. All other library policies should be interpreted in light of these guidelines. 

The Board of Library Trustees endorses these procedures:

Service Guidelines

  • Staff will greet patrons with an invitation to service.
  • Staff will be familiar with all established policies and procedures, and implement them kindly and consistently.
  • Staff will fill all reasonable patron requests or offer alternatives.
  • Staff members who are unable to assist a patron will call upon a supervisor anywhere in the building.
  • Staff will always remain courteous with patrons and refer problems to a supervisor.
  • Staff will answer the phone according to baseline etiquette established by the departments. (i.e., greeting, identify department, provide name, ask “how can I help you?”).
  • Staff will honor patron and staff privacy and discuss persons or problems away from public areas.

rev. 12/10/19