Gift Policy

Neither the Duxbury Free Library, its Board of Trustees nor its Library Director and Staff may accept gifts of cash, securities or items of value on behalf of the Library.

These donations should be directed to the Duxbury Free Library, Inc. or to the Friends of the Duxbury Free Library.

Gifts of books and other library materials may be donated directly to the Library.  The library accepts gifts of materials, but reserves the right to evaluate them in accordance with the criteria applied to purchased materials.  The library may choose not to accept gifts which do not meet the library’s objectives and policies.

A receipt providing a description of the material and the date of donation will be provided upon request.  However, the library will not provide monetary appraisal of any gift for income tax or other purposes.

The Library’s use of donated books and library materials is at the total and exclusive discretion of the Library Director and the Board of Trustees.  When the Library Director agrees to purchase or accept donor suggested books or items (i.e. furniture), the Library is under no obligation to retain these items for any specific length of time or to place these items in a specific location in the Library.