Program Policy

The library is a community destination where people of all ages and backgrounds can gather for reflection, discovery, participation and growth.  The library recognizes the need to provide quality programs in keeping with this vision and the goals of its long-range plan.  Library initiated programs support the mission of the library by providing users with additional opportunities for information, education, and recreation as well as cultural, literary and civic engagement.  (American Library Association – Public Programs Office 2012).

All library programs will meet at least one of these criteria to ensure quality:

  • Offer information best transmitted in groups.
  • Promote appreciation of books and reading.
  • Promote appreciation of other media available at the library
  • Introduce library services.
  • Enhance the use of the library’s collections.
  • Improve access to information.
  • Encourage community support and involvement.

Appropriate funding will be allocated each year for programs.  Programs are designed and implemented by library staff; programs, performers and presenters are selected and overseen by library staff.

Programs are free to the public and are handicapped accessible.  The Library Director has the discretion to ask for contributions for refreshments.  Authors and any library programming partner may sell their books or materials with approval of the Library Director or his or her designee.

Revised 6/14/11.