Use of Library Policy

The Duxbury Free Library seeks to provide a calm and productive environment where all visitors and staff can use the facility and its resources.  The Library, in its role as steward of a public building, reserves the right to maintain order.  Users should exhibit appropriate behavior that does not interfere with the use of the library by other patrons, nor interferes with a staff member’s completion of his/her duties.

Disruptive activities may include inappropriate use of the elevator, automatic doors, library property and equipment, and disturbing the peace and rights of other patrons to use the Library.  Users should identify themselves to library staff when asked and follow existing statutes for use of a public building.

Use of still or video cameras, including cellular phone technology, in the library requires permission of the library director, or his/her designee.

(See: Mass. General Laws references for supportive information).

Guidelines for implementing the policy:

A staff member may intervene with a patron in order to prevent injury or property damage.

If a staff member feels that a patron’s behavior is threatening to the safety of other patrons or staff members, he/she will call the police immediately and/or may activate the panic alarm located at all major service desks.

If a library user continually violates this policy, library administration or the supervisor of the day can take the following steps:

  • Issue a verbal warning, with the statement that the person(s) will be asked to leave the building if the behavior in question does not cease.
  • Ask the user to identify him/herself.  Request that the person(s) leave the library, and communicate this to other staff members.  In the case of a minor, attempt to get a parent’s or caregiver’s name and phone number.
  • Invoke a temporary ban from the building.
  • Call the police for assistance if the situation so requires.
  • Follow up with a written incident report to the director.

(Massachusetts General Laws Annotated Chapter 266, Crimes Against Property, Section 99, Libraries; definitions, 99A, Libraries; theft of materials or property; destruction of records, and 100 Libraries; mutilation or destruction of materials or property; Chapter 272, Crimes against Chastity, Morality, Decency and Good Order, Section 41, Disturbance of libraries)

Reviewed 2/19/19.