Volunteer Policy

The library recognizes the need for and welcomes community volunteers to assist in the library.  Community volunteers are individuals who give their time and talents to the library on a regular basis.

Volunteers are recruited by, are trained by, and work under the direction of library divisionheads.  They are considered unpaid staff and their employment must meet the standards of paid employees.  Volunteers have access to staff areas of the building and may have access to the online system when warranted by their jobs.

All adult volunteer applicants must complete a CORI Request Form.

Students under the age of sixteen may volunteer with parental consent and work under the guidance of an adult staff member.  Up to date records are kept of all volunteers.  Volunteer hours are collected and reported to the Library Director on an annual basis.

The Library Director reserves the right to enlist or decline the services of any volunteer without cause.

Revised 8/06/14.