Transfer Station Recylcing Update - Nov. 20, 2017

Acceptable Items List for Recycling

Mixed Paper Bin

Corrugated Cardboard Bin

Glass Bin

Plastic & Cans Bin

Items NOT Allowed

Left Side of EntranceRight Side of EntranceLeft Side of EntranceLeft Side of Entrance 
NewspapersClean Corrugated Cardboard ONLYBottles1-7 PlasticsStyrofoam
Magazines JarsTin cansPlastic Bags
Catalogs   Wrapping Paper
Phone Books   3 Ring Binders
Soft Cover Books    
Notebooks (NO 3 Ring Binders)    
Greeting Cards    
Colored Paper    
Fax Paper    
Pizza Boxes (Corrugated & Non-Corrugated)    

Non Corrugated Boxes

Wax Coated Cartons