Organization Support Statement

I.  Mission

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to assist town officials, senior managers, and employees in a fair, consistent and lawful manner and to create and administer policies and practices that sustain a professional, productive, efficient, and innovative work environment which supports the Town and its departments in effectively performing their missions.

II.  Goals and Objectives

The Human Resources Department will maintain town policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable labor laws and regulations; promote employee job satisfaction via a variety of methods, including employee development and recognition, positive and effective communication, maintenance of appropriate compensation and benefit plans, and timely investigation of employee complaints and concerns; and organize personnel records and systems to efficiently and effectively support all departments in meeting their obligations to the employees who serve the Town.

III.  Operational Description

The Human Resources Department serves the Town's regular, seasonal and temporary employees and retirees on issues relating to: administering the personnel bylaws, policies and procedures; maintaining employee classification and compensation plans; monitoring personnel actions of all Town departments to ensure compliance with policies and regulations; managing the recruitment and selection of new employees; coordinating orientation, training, and employee recognition activities; providing workers' compensation case management; and designing and administering employee benefit programs.  The Human Resources Department advises the Personnel Board and Town Manager on related issues; advises department managers, supervisors, and employees on personnel matters; and assists in labor negotiations and contract administration.

IV.  Board/Commission Involvement

The Human Resources Department supports the Personnel Board, which consists of five members appointed by the Town Moderator with staggered three-year terms.  The Personnel Board has responsibility for the administration of the Personnel Bylaw (Wage and Salary Classification Plan) of the Town.