IT Steering Committee

Approved at March 2018 Annual Town Meeting  -  ARTICLE 19 - Information Technology Steering Committee

To see if the town will authorize the Board of Selectmen to appoint an eleven (11) member Information Technology Steering Committee comprised of the following officials and personnel:

One (1) member Finance Committee
One (1) member Fiscal Advisory Committee
One (1) member Board of Selectmen
One (1) member School Committee
One (1) member Fire Department
One (1) member Police Department
Town Manager
Superintendent of Schools
Town IT Director
School IT Director
School Network Administrator

The Information Technology Steering Committee shall (a) work with an independent IT consultant to scope and develop a Town-wide 3-year strategic IT master plan and (b) provide a progress report at the Annual Town Meeting of March 2019 and to further present their recommendations to the Annual Town Meeting of March 2020.

And further to appropriate a sum of money to hire an independent consultant for the purpose of completing a Town-wide IT master plan for the Town of Duxbury; or take any other action in relation thereto.                                                                                                                                                   Proposed by the Finance Committee

Explanation:  During the March 2015 Annual Town Meeting the Town approved Article 31 to “provide a sum of money for the purpose of undertaking a study to assess the Town and School inventories of current IT systems; determine the merits of a merged Information Technology Department; and develop a strategic plan for short and long-term modernization of our technology infrastructure, or take any action in relation thereto.”  Additionally, funding would be provided to develop a Town-wide master plan as a guide moving forward.

Board of Selectmen Voted 3-0 to Recommend
Finance Committee Voted 8-0 to Recommend


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Nancy R. O'Connor (781) 934-1100 ext. 5401

Board Members

Alexander Chin

Fiscal Advisory Committee Representative


Kathleen Glynn

Finance Committee Representative


David J. Madigan

Board of Selectmen Representative


Julia Adams

School Committee Representative

Dr. John Antonucci

Superintendent of Schools

Town Manager

Lt. Lewis Chubb

Police Department Representative

Cheryl Lewis

School IT Director

Town IT Director

Michael Mahoney


Capt. Robert Reardon

Fire Department Representative

Michael Woodford

School Network Administrator