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Transfer & Recycling Station
Contact TypeContact Information
Acting Operations Manager
Office Manager
Maia Gentry
Administrative Assistant
145 Mayflower Street
Duxbury, Duxbury 02332
781-934-0255 or 934-1100 x5501 or x5502
Wednesday through Sunday:
8:00 AM until 4:00 PM
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The Town of Duxbury understands that vehicles break down or you may require a larger vehicle to haul things to the Transfer Station so we offer temporary passes to individuals who have already paid for authorization to use the Transfer Station.  Please contact the DPW office to request this pass.  Failure to contact us may result in a $100 fine for unauthorized use of the Transfer Station.  New residents may also obtain a temporary pass until they've had a chance to register their vehicle in Duxbury.  Please call us at 781-934-1100; EXT. 5501 or 5502.

Statewide Ban on Disposal of Needles in Household Trash

Effective July 1, 2012, needles, syringes and lancets (referred to as “sharps”) shall not be disposed of in solid municipal waste, including household waste and shall be collected and disposed of at proper disposal sites.  The Town of Duxbury will be collecting all unused and used sharps at the Duxbury Fire Station, 668 Tremont St, Duxbury.  The collection hours will be Monday-Friday from 8am until 4pm and Saturdays 8am-4pm if personnel are present.  All sharps must be brought in proper sharps containers; loose needles will not be accepted.  Fire Department personnel must be present at time of drop off. Please  do not leave unattended sharps at fire station. This new regulation applies to household trash that is brought to the transfer station as well as curbside pick up.  For further information, please contact the Board of Health, 781-934-1100; Ext. 6002 or go to

FOR APRIL 1, 2012

Plate Review Software is being used at the Duxbury Transfer and Recycling Station.  
Physical stickers will no longer be distributed; instead, cameras have been installed to read each license plate and run against a listing of authorized users.  
Failure to register for a sticker may result in a $100.00 fine.  
Each day your vehicle is not authorized and you access the Transfer Station shall be considered a separate incident and may result in additional fines.

The cost for authorizing a plate for use at the Transfer Station is $25.00.  You must register your car even if you are just using the recycling centers.

 If you use a trailer, you MUST register your trailer (at no additional cost).  Failure to register your trailer will result in a fine.

 Please keep your rear license plate clean and free from debris or anything else that may be blocking it.  

If you require a temporary pass, you MUST obtain one in the DPW Administrative Office.  You have to already have an authorized vehicle and must provide the make, model and plate number of the vehicle you are using temporarily.  Failure to obtain a temporary pass from the DPW office ONLY may result in a fine.  If your vehicle breaks down or is in an accident after Town Hall closes on a iday, you may use another vehicle but you must notify the DPW Office on the next available business day.  

Please contact Trudy Lavin at 781-934-1100; Ext. 5501 with any questions or comments about the Plate Review Software.


Low-Costs Composts Bins Available @ Duxbury Transfer Station

To make it easier for consumers to compost kitchen scraps and yard wastes, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)
makes home composting bins available to cities and towns each year through its recycling equipment grant program.  
Duxbury proudly takes part in this initiative and offers the Earth Machine at the Duxbury Transfer Station.

The Earth Maichine is easy to assemble, rodent-resistent and allows for efficient aerobic composting.
It is made from a minimum of 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic collected or processed in Massachusetts.

An average household can compost between 500 and 1,000 pounds of organic material each year in one of these bins,
producing a rich soil supplement out of material that would otherwise be thrown away.

Bins retail for between $60 and $100, but are available to residents of Duxbury at subsidized prices of $40 each.



If there is very little left in the can, simply remove the cover and let it dry.  
The can may then be placed in the metal bin at the Transfer Station.  
If there is more than a little left, add cat litter to absorb the paint and place it in the blue bag and dispose of it as you do your household trash.



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