Update on Town of Duxbury Services During Covid-19 Outbreak
Town Hall Offices and Duxbury Beach

During the unexpected Town Hall Office closures due to the COVID-19/coronavirus situation, the Town of Duxbury thanks you for your patience and understanding.  Below are some of the frequently asked questions we have been receiving:

How can you pay your bill? 

Please utilize our online bill paying system being run through our vendor, City Hall Systems, by clicking the following link:


Or by calling 508-381-5455. If you require support, you can call 508-381-5456 or contact epay@cityhallsystems.com.  Phone lines may be busier than normal. **Please pay bills as soon as possible.  Interest and demand bills on Motor Excise Vehicle bills will be delayed**

At this time, all 4th Quarter Real Estate Tax Payments will be due on May 1st.  Any changes beyond that due date have yet to be determined.

Payments (checks only – no cash) can also be left in the drop box located in the back of Town Hall for your convenience. Please understand that the processing of these payments may be delayed.

How can you purchase your Transfer Station Sticker? (Expiration of current sticker has been extended to May 1st)

Transfer stations stickers can be purchased online by clicking:


Or by calling 580-381-5456. (Please note: To order over the phone, your vehicle must be registered in Duxbury).  In light of the current situation, the expiration of current stickers has been extended to May 1st.

How can you purchase your Beach Sticker? (Expiration of the current sticker has been extended to May 1st)

Beach stickers are scheduled to be available to purchase on April 1st. Please understand at that time, they will only be available to purchase online by clicking:


The expiration of current stickers has been extended to May 1st.

Please direct any additional questions to Duxbury’s Treasurer/Collector Jill Stewart at stewart@town.duxbury.ma.us, and they will be answered at the earliest convenience.

Duxbury Beach
Patron Adherence to Closing Times

During these challenging times, the Town of Duxbury is fortunate to have a resource like Duxbury Beach.  While people are staying home from work and school, the beach provides enough open space for people to enjoy the outdoors while still safely adhering to the principles of social distancing.

Unfortunately, many recent visitors to our beach have not been keeping their distance from others and have not been adhering to beach rules.  Please be aware that the beach is staffed by our public safety officials for your protection and the protection of the beach.  Please make sure that you are familiar with the beach rules and make note of all closing times prior to going to the beach.

Persons who refuse to leave any part of the beach that is closed or at the requisite closing time may be subject to the revocation of their beach sticker and/or monetary fines.  Policing this behavior is taking staff away from our already stressed public safety agencies.  Unfortunately, if patrons cannot use the beach responsibly and adhere to rules (including observing the closing times), the Town will have no choice but close the area to the public.  If people maintain their distance from others (including beach staff) and adhere to the regulations then we can all continue to enjoy this tremendous recreational resource during this difficult time.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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