Fees & Fines

MaterialLoan PeriodOverdue Fine / DayMaximum Fine
Fiction & Non-Fiction Books2 Weeks$0.05$3.00
Audiobooks & Playaways2 Weeks$0.05$3.00
Magazines2 Weeks$0.05$3.00
Music CDs2 Weeks$0.05$3.00
DVDs1 Week$1.00$10.00
TV DVDs2 Weeks$1.00$10.00
NF DVDs2 Weeks$1.00$10.00
Video Games2 Weeks$1.00$10.00
Museum Passes24 Hours$5.00$25.00
Kits, Cake Pans, & Puzzles2 Weeks$1.00$10.00

Please Note:  Patrons are blocked from checking out if they owe more than $10.00.  Other OCLN libraries may assign different loans and fees for their materials.

Lost / Damaged Materials

Patrons are responsible for all library materials that they check out:

  • If a patron loses a piece of a library item, such as a disc, they will be required to pay a replacement cost.
  • In the unfortunate event that a patron loses an entire library item, such as a book, they will be charged the replacement cost for that item.
  • If library staff determines that an item has been damaged beyond repair and will not circulate, the patron will be charged the replacement cost of that item.
  • If the item belongs to another library, that library will assess replacement costs.