Duxbury Beach Committee

About Us:

Twelve (12), which shall include the Police Chief, the Harbormaster/Shellfish Warden and the Conservation Administrator or their designees; three designees of the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., and six members at-large, one of whom shall be a Duxbury Beach year-round resident, to three-year staggered terms.

The Committee shall:

  1. Advise the Board of Selectmen, the Town Manager, the Finance Committee and any other relevant agency of the Town on the use and management of the town leased portion of the beach, and make recommendations to the Town Manager for the coordinated management of the beach so that its use will be a safe, sanitary and enjoyable recreation experience, and for the proper maintenance of the Powder Point Bridge.
  2. The Committee shall also prepare a Beach Use Management Plan for action by the 1995 Town Meeting and every five years thereafter.
  3. The Committee shall consult and cooperate with the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., the Gurnet Saquish Association and the Duxbury Beach Improvement Association, for the protection and preservation of the beach.

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Duxbury Beach Committee

Name Title
Susan M. Rourke Chairperson
Michael McLaughlin Member
Sara Fargo Member
Philip Thorn Member
Matthew Ali Member
Raymond Siegener Member
Stu Ruggles Member
Pauline Flynn Member
Ronald Dayton Wolfe, Jr. Member
Matthew M. Clancy Ex-Officio
Joe Grady Ex-Officio
Jake Emerson