King Caesar Advisory Committee

About Us:

This fund was established in 1916 to provide for relief of the poor and elderly citizens of Duxbury, and to assist any citizen of Duxbury who is, in the judgment of the Selectmen, otherwise unable to pay in obtaining proper medical, dental, psychiatric and nursing care.  Numerous disbursements have been made over the years from the Fund.

Applications for fund disbursements are made by representatives from churches, schools, physicians and social service agencies.  Applications are reviewed by the fund’s social worker, and then put before the King Caesar Fund Advisory Committee for recommendation to the Selectmen.  If you are aware of a Duxbury resident who might benefit from the King Caesar Fund, please let us know.  You will be contacted by our social worker as soon as possible.

Email King Caesar Fund Committee.

Committee Members

Diane C. Barker



Carol Langford



Catherine Cullen



Marie Villarin, RN

Intake Case Worker


David J. Madigan

Board of Selectmen Liaison