Electronic Balloting Committee

DISBANDED:  After the 2016 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING responsibility for the electronic balloting was turned over to the Town Clerk as the Electronic Balloting Committee had completed its task.


At the 2013 Special Town Meeting, the Town authorized the Moderator to appoint a committee of nine (9) members to investigate the applicability of employing electronic balloting for future special and annual town meetings and report back to the next annual town meeting its recommendations.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Susan C. Kelley (781) 934-1100 ext. 5450

Board Members

Name Title
James J. Sullivan, III Chairperson
Kenneth J. Beeby Member
Robert E. Doyle Member
Janice Scammell Member
David E. Tobin Member
Florence Gregg Member
Anne Ward Member
Ellen Lee Jordan Member
Friend C. Weiler, Sr. Moderator