Board/Committee Volunteers

Application Process:

Please complete a Talent Bank Form and submit to the Town Manager/Board of Selectmen office.  Your Talent Bank form will be kept on file for two years.  When it is received, a copy of your Talent Bank will be forwarded to the Chair(s) of the committee(s), the Moderator, Town Manager and/or the Board of Selectmen (as appropriate).  If the board(s) or committee(s) you indicated has(have) an opening, then the Chair may bring your name forward for immediate appointment.  For current membership status see the webpage of the Board or Committee.

If there are no current openings, then the terms of the committees (with a few exceptions) do expire on June 30th so appointments are primarily made in May/June.  In the meantime, you are welcome to attend the public meetings of the committee(s).  Meetings are posted on the official Town Bulletin Board in Town Hall.  (As we realize it is not always possible for residents to get to the Town Hall, as a public service we do try to post them on the Town Website as well.  Click here to see the Town Meeting Calendar.