Medical Reserve Corps

Duxbury Bay Area Regional


Our Mission:

The mission of the MRC is to establish a team of local volunteers, made up of Healthcare professionals and support staff who can contribute their skills and expertise throughout the year as well as during times of emergent community need.  MRC will support the community response to disasters such as epidemics, acts of terrorism, and natural or man-made disasters, by assisting existing Healthcare professionals when and if medical facilities are overburdened.  Preparing for emergencies and needs of the community can be accomplished through education, training and preparedness.  The MRC will supplement existing local emergency plans, protocols and resources, along with needs of the State and Federal level as well as create a framework to match volunteer's skills with their community's needs.

The MRC shall support existing emergency systems and provide emergency medical care at the scene of disasters and triage areas to ensure effective triage and medical care to prevent unnecessary utilization and over burden on the already overloaded prehospital emergency medical response and transport, and in Hospital emergency rooms.  The MRC will maintain its team in a continued state of response readiness via continuous team member education and training to ensure incident response capabilities.  The MRC shall adopt standards that will assure volunteer capabilities in identified disaster response activities, bringing together the knowledge and skills of many different health professionals and community volunteers.  A rapid emergency response will provide a timely return to stability for our communities.  MRC volunteers will play a critical role in making this happen.

The MRC brings together the knowledge and skills of a wide range of Community volunteers from Health Care Professional to community volunteers in other support areas to address public health crises.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tracy L. Mayo MRC Coordinator (781) 934-1100 ext. 5491