Zoning Bylaw Review Committee

Committee Duties:

In its work, the ZBRC shall seek input from present to past members of town boards, local developers and the professionals who represent them, others in the Town with knowledge of the Bylaw and its administration, and the Town's professional staff.  The ZBRC may conduct hearings in order to obtain comments from the general public.  It may also gather information from other communities and from academic or professional organizations specializing in land use and zoning.  In addition, the ZBRC shall monitor the status of S1019, the Comprehensive Land Use Reform and Partnership Act (CLURPA) and related proposals in the legislature, and report on the potential impact of such legislation on potential amendments to the Bylaw.

Board Members

Name Title
Judith Barrett Chairperson (ZBA Representative)
Scott Casagrande Vice Chairperson (Citizen-At-Large)
Nancy Armington Johnson Clerk (Design Review Board Representative)
Freeman Boynton, III Citizen-At-Large
Mary Steinke Citizen-At-Large
Kathleen P. Muncey Citizen-At-Large
George D. Wadsworth Planning Board Representative
Theodore J. Flynn Board of Selectmen Liaison