Duxbury Crematory


The Duxbury Crematory in Mayflower Cemetery, Duxbury, MA was established the year of 1980 and was the first municipal crematory in the state.  The Duxbury Crematory acts only as a third party facility, meaning the crematory does not itself arrange for removal and transfer of your loved one to our facility, transfer of your loved one is typically done through a funeral services director.

What began as a community crematory service in a modest building in 1980 has since been transformed into a regional provider, with services performed in a modern, state-of-the-art facility that began operations in mid 2012.  The new facility includes the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry (Matthews Power Pak III computerized devices) and operations of the equipment is monitored not only by the facility’s trained technicians and computer equipment on location, but also through the internet by the specialized team at Matthews International from its offices in Florida.  That system ensures maximum operational efficiency for the process.

In addition, the new facility has adopted and implemented Matthews’ cremation tracking system, SecureID, a bar coding system, integrated with the Matthews equipment, that tracks each admission through each step in the process, from entry into the facility through retrieval of your loved one.  A unique bar code is created for each admission, and identifies and tracks the remains through each step of the process, ensuring documented accuracy and accountability in the services performed.

The Duxbury Crematory is also proud to provide a dignified viewing area, a space and process whereby those families who choose to view the placement of their loved one into the crematory retort may make arrangements with the facility to do so.

Our trained and certified technicians are dedicated in the care of your loved one, always remembering that each person we serve is a life once loved.  We strive at creating and maintaining an atmosphere of respect and dignity at all times.

The Duxbury Crematory is a member of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).