What is a wetland resource area?

In accordance with the Town of Duxbury Wetlands Bylaw, a resource area is defined as any of the following:

  • Land under water bodies, including but not limited to the ocean, ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, estuaries, and banks.
  • Land bordering on the ocean, including but not limited to beaches, dunes, tidal flats, coastal bank, salt marshes, and salt meadows.
  • Land subject to flooding or inundation by groundwater or surface water, including but not limited to freshwater wetlands, beaches, wet meadows, swamps, bogs, vernal pools, reservoirs or isolated wetlands.
  • Land within 100 feet of any of the aforementioned resource areas.
  • Land subject to coastal storm flowage, including but not limited to the coastal floodplain as set forth on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).
  • Land within 200 feet of any river, stream, or creek continuously flowing throughout the year toward a body of water.