Assessor's GIS Parcel Maps

The Town of Duxbury, along with the Board of Assessors is pleased to provide this direct link to the GIS Mapping System. Please be aware you MUST be using an Internet Explorer browser to use the system. The current application is written with a SilverLight Microsoft product that will have limited to no functionality on other browsers. The system will also be an issue for Apple computer users. Our vendor Vision Governement Solutions is aware of the problem and is currently working on a complete rewrite of the entire application to function on all systems and devices.

After clicking the link above you can elect to search by using the "+" button in the upper left of the screen. Click the button and draw a box around the area you which to search and the map will zoom into that location.

You can search by Address, Map/Block/Parcel & Owners Name by using the "Search" button. Or you can bring up the Street Listing of individual roads.

Once you have arrived at your selection you will need to use the "MAP IT" button on the upper right of the screen of the individual parcel. You will then be asked which map source.

If you select the "Go to Vision GIS Maps" it will bring you directly to that individual parcel.

When you have arrived at the map the Tool Bar has nine different selections to further enhance the viewing of that image. We highly recommend you check out the help button as it provides useful tips on how to navigate the map.

We hope you enjoy these maps and please contact the Assessors Office with any questions (781) 934-1100 ext. 6010.