Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs/Spas

All swimming pools (including in-ground, aboveground and on-ground), hot tubs and spas that contain water over 24 inches deep require a Building Permit.

From section 804.4 Board of Health swimming pool regulations are as follows:

Walls of all residential pools must be:

  • 10 feet from side and rear lines;
  • 25 feet from the street;
  • 10 feet from the septic tank.

For in-ground pools only:

  • 20 feet from leaching part of the septic system;
  • 50 feet from private potable well.

To apply for a Building Permit please submit the following:

  1. A  Building Permit Application signed by the homeowner & contractor.
  2. Contractor License & insurance information needs to be on file with the Building Department.
  3. Worker's Compensation Affidavit.
  4. Homeowner's Affidavit (if the applicant is the homeowner instead of a contractor).
  5. Two sets of pool plans.
  6. Two copies of a certifed site plan showing the proposed pool location, location and size of fence and gate stamped by a surveyor.
  7. Any pool that is deeper than 2 feet or larger than 250 sq feet in arearequires an enclosure conforming to the 780 CMR MA State Building Code Section: AG105. Basically, the fence or protective barrier shall be not less than 4 feet in height, non-climbable, have a self-latching device on all gates and completely enclose the swimming pool.
  8. No water may be placed in pool until the fence is erected.
  9. A vaild Title 5 Inspection or Certificate of Compliance will be required.
  10. An Electrical Permit Application to wire and ground the pool.
  11. If the pool will be heated with a gas, a licensed Plumber/Gasfitter will be required to apply for a Gas Permit.

Required Inspections:

  1. After excavation and reinforcing steel is installed (if applicable).
  2. Electrical Inspector must inspect the bonding.
  3. Final inspection after all work is completed and an enclosure conforming to MA State Building Code is installed.