About the Pool

steps into pool

The Percy Walker Pool is a 6 lane by 25-yard pool with diving spring board.  There are steps in the shallow end as well as step ladders around the pool.  The shallow end of the pool is 4 feet and the deepest is 12 feet.  The Percy Walker Pool is equipped with a handicap accessible chair to get in and out of the pool.  The Pool also has starting blocks behind each lane and backstroke flags for lap swimming and meets.  There is ALWAYS a Lifeguard on Duty.

The Men and Women’s Locker Room each have 80 lockers, 6 benches, one big private changing area, and 2 smaller private changing rooms.  There are 2-bathroom stalls and one handicap bathroom stall.  There are 3 private showers, 3 open showers, and 1 handicap shower.  The facility also has a family changing room with a handicap shower.  There are 2 handicap parking spaces as well as 22 parking spaces.

Percy Walker Pool

parking lot